Articles - History

Articles related to the history of the Bonsmara Breed in Australia

Jan Bonsma and the Bonsmara Breed

In 1985, Prof. Jan Bonsma (born March 1909) prepared a review of his work for a special anniversary of the Bonsmara Cattle Breeders Association. Byhe time it becomes available as a publication, he will have been involved as an animal scientist and a practical breeder for a half century, since January1937. It revolves around the creation of functionally efficient beef cattle.

The Bonsmara System (South Africa)

The Bonsmara is the only beef breed in the world created through a well documented crossbreeding programme with the aid of objectively recorded performance data. Visual evaluation according to norms for functional efficiency are also strictly applied.

The Introduction of Bonsmara's into Australia

Article by Morton Hudson about the Introduction of Bonsmaras to Australia